Friday, February 24, 2012

Group Buy Update - 357 Lever Action Testing - New Blog Format Coming

My shooting range is closed for renovations, which means testing and development time has been scarce.  Don't worry, there are some good projects underway.  First, here's another look at the the Custom Lee 358429 Group Buy Bullet:

The sign-up phase runs out at 5pm on Saturday, 2/25.  It's a sweet bullet, designed like the Lyman long nose version.  Check out the link on the right for more info.

357 Lever Action Tests & Results Coming Soon:

OK, I've been enjoying the heck out of a Rossi 357, 20 inch, carbine.  The goal is to explore higher velocity loads.  There are some very accurate loads already in my results-database.  I'm changing gears a bit and will pursue pushing some 110 and 158 grain cast bullets.  These very strong guns respond well to pushing things a bit. 

Pushing a 110 grain cast bulllet over 2,000 FPS is on the test agenda.

A new Rossi is on the way, if you haven't cast/loaded/shot one of these, see if you can get your hands on one.  There are some tips to smooth them out a bit, that will be covered too.

These will not be revolver loads, they are intended only for modern day, very strong, rifles.  The M92 Rossi is one of them, and will be used for the load development.

I'm really looking forward to ringing this out!  Here's a preview of a 110 grain bullet still on the drawing board:

There's more where that came from!

A Table of Contents is Coming Soon:

It's reached a point that the usual Blog format is getting hard for readers to navigate around.  A Table of Contents to make it easier to find a particular topic and post is in the works.  This will be a big help in seperating the Revolver & Rifle specific topics.

That is somewhat less exciting than a 2,000 FPS load, but worthy enough to mention.

Stay tuned, the range will be opening soon and more results are one the way.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sign-up Phase in Final Week: Group Buy for a Custom Lee Mould. The 358-429 Keith

UPDATE: The group buy is going very well.  There are 8 people signed up as I'm typing this.  I'm making a change to the minimum number needed, to 7.  That means the buy will happen.

I've decided to start a Blog based group buy for a custom Lee six cavity mould.  I'm so impressed with the results from my mould that I thought this would be both fun and a chance for other 357 casters / handloaders to take advantage of this style mould.   There aren't many places to get a Keith six cavity mould, as a matter of fact a custom mould is the only way I know of.

There's a Blog Page that describes the planned group buy.  It's a slightly different protocol than other group buys so please read through it.  The link at the top of the right hand column will take you to the details.

Comments, feedback and questions should be posted there as well.

Here are some results, rested at 25 yards:

A little reminder of how they look:

As always, have fun and shoot tight groups.