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Have rising component costs impacted your reloading or shooting?
What innovation most advanced firearms technology?
Were you in Boy Scouts or similar organization?
The greatest rifle cartridge is..
The greatest handgun cartridge is...
Do you handload any non standard cartridges?
Would you buy a polymer revolver?
Do you prefer traditional engraving or laser etching?
Have you ever bought a firearm with the intent to not shoot it?
What do you think of Smith and Wessons new 500 S&W Magnum?
How many times have you read SIXGUNS?
Would you rather be in the city or country?
How did you learn to handload?
How long have you been handloading?
How often do your clean your firearms?
How many rounds do you fire on a typical trip to the range?
How many reloaders do you have?
Which progressive reloader manufacturer is your favorite?
What Straight walled cartridge dies do you prefer?
What do you typically hunt with?
Do you hunt?
How often do you buy new load manuals?
Do you work in the firearm industry?
Do you normally shoot alone or with company?
Have you heard of the Numero Uno pistol?
Who is your favorite handgun manufacturer?
Who is your favorite rifle manufacturer?
Do you shoot any black powder?
Why did you first start reloading?
Is your gun storage (safe, vault, closet) fireproof?
Do you have any custom firearms?
Where do you get most of your reloading components?
Who is your favorite powder manufacturer?
357 Magnum: Jack of all trades, master of none, or the best all around caliber?
Would you rather have 1 premium gun or 3 typical guns?
When do you think the most interesting firearms were made?
What do you think of Smith and Wessons new 50 S&W Magnum?
What is your favorite rifle action?
Have you taken a non shooter out shooting?
What is your favorite bullet type?
What is your primary vehicle?
Do you own more guns than any of your friends?
What is your favorite source of firearm information?
Do you handload?
Do you practice any martial arts?
Which would you rather have?
Which is your favorite gun magazine?
Have you ever bought ammo in a caliber you don’t have, then bought a gun to shoot it in?
Have you ever purchased a firearm and sold it before ever shooting it?
Do you, or will you, shoot someone else’s handloads?
How often do you shoot a 22LR?
Which press style do you prefer, single stage or progressive?
Have you ever worn out a firearm?
Which is your favorite reloader manufacturer?
Do you handload for other people?
Do you use a chronograph when working up new loads?
How many loading manuals to you own?
Is the civilian firearm industry stagnant?
On average how many rounds a week do you reload?
Have you purchased a firearm at a gunshow?