Saturday, January 8, 2011

Quick and short update on the 145 SWC (full results to be posted soon)

A few folks contacted me and asked for any info that I may have for this mould.  They received their NOE moulds and want to get started.  So here is a quick update:

Assuming you read the rest of the blog and know that for highly accurate results soft and fat bullets (large anyway) work best.  The mould is dropping 99% lead with 1% tin at .3585 to .3595.  Pretty good as they are designed to drop WW at .360.  If possible go with an alloy as close to 98-99% lead with the rest some solder or tin.  If you all you have is WW, use that.  They both shoot some good groups, but the softer alloy produces slightly tighter groups off a rest, about 75% of the time. Softer is still more accurate.

The boolit seems sensitive to crimp, so a light to medium works.  If accuracy becomes a bit random you might be lose or tight.

Crimp in the groove and use either3.9 grains of 700X or 2.7 grains of 700X.  They are two very different loads and both standard pressure 38 Special loads.  4.0 would be the max for standard pressure. 

Let me know how this works out.  Hearing results off a rest or off-hand is always good.  Knowing a bit about your revolver is very helpful too.

I tested in a 357 using 357 brass, but these 38 special loads are the best so far.  I'll post more results to the blog as soon as I get final testing done

I'm also starting the same process with the 200-SWC so I'll post that too.

Note: I currently use a Lubrisizer with a .360 die.  Most of the time it doesn't do anything to the boolit except lube it.  If you pan-lube or tumble-lube try loading and shooting without sizing.  If they don't cause any problems like jamming the cylinder or making it rough to cock the hammer you are good  If they do then size to .360 and you'll be good.

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