Saturday, May 26, 2012

More coming, just slower than last year.

I've promised some more test results, and plan to continue updating this blog.  However my 50-60 hour a week job, with a lot a travel, is slowing progress down quite a bit.  Since it's a great job in a company whose business is growing I'm very fortunate.  The past few years haven't been good for many people.

The local shooting range that closed in February is still being refurbished in late May, that's another twist to getting shooting time.

However, I'm still testing, casting, shooting and measuring results and will continue to publish it all right here.

Currently my Rossi 357 lever action is loving the Group Buy Keith's.  They are the long "as Keith designed them" version.  Loaded in the crimp groove in 38 special brass, over 12.5 grains of 2400, this is a very nice magnum load, with excellent accuracy.

Using the 38 special brass, the OAL is actually longer than what the Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook specifies for 357 brass.  With 1,500 38 special cases on hand, it makes good sense to use them.  Just be careful they never get loaded into a 38 special rated gun.

Have fun shooting tight groups with your 357 magnum!


  1. Lots of good reading here. Just bought an older Marlin 1894 357 mag. Looking forward to seeing what it will do.

    Going to use the bullets I have for my 367 pistol. Hensley and Gibbs 158 gr. Keith SWC sized to .3575. Not sure how it will do in the Marlin micro groove barrel.
    Loads will be an all around charge recommended by Elmer Keith of 13.5 gr 2400. Not a full magnum but it sure shoots good in my S&W Model 19.

    But it sounds like I have to make a few minor adjustments to the Marlin in order for it to feed that load in a 357 case when crimped in the crimping groove because the OAL is 1.612.

    Could load them is 38 spl cases but do not want to damage the chamber with the shorter case. Or seat the bullet to the top ring in the magnum case.

    Would love to email you and pick your brain..

    1. Mark,
      Hi, do you know the twist in that Marlin? The slow 30 inch twist in the Rossi like lighter bullets, or shorter bullets to be more accurate. I've been using 2400, but am going to back W296/H110. I think it's a little more accurate.

      Feel free to email me a


    2. Mark,
      Hi again, thanks for the kind words too.


  2. Still patiently waiting for more, 357Shooter. This is one of the most informative shooting blogs out there.


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