Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lyman 358-477 Added to Favorite Bullet Moulds and Loads, with Johnson's Paste Wax Lube or Darr Lube

In the post "Follow up on the Lyman 358-477 and the 358-429" I cover the details of this mould.  It is great to get a new Lyman Mould that drops decent size bullets.  After lapping, this gem of a mould is now being added to Favorite Moulds.  The 6.5 inch Blackhawk is loving these!

Using a Lubrisizer with Darr Lube, NRA or Carnauba Red leaves a clean shiny barrel.  200 rounds and no cleaning needed!  Johnson's Paste Wax as a tumble lube, a personal favorite, also produces great results.  After 100 rounds there may be a slight hint of leading, the Blackhawk likes to lead more than the Taurus.

Use a bronze brush wrapped with a swatch of copper Chore Boy and clean any trace of leading, in less than 30 seconds.  There is no accuracy loss after 100 rounds, but I do need to test after 200 rounds.  I'll get some measurements with 5 shot groups, but 1 ragged hole with 10 rounds at 25 yards is excellent.

Any time the barrel can be completely clean in a minute or two, that's good.  Less than one minute is great.  Needless to say, I'm now using a custom .360 Lee sizer and then tumble lubing with the JPW.  There are posts about Tumble Lubing if you are interested.  There is also a post on how to lap a mould.

A four cavity Lyman Mould, made out of soft steel & lead alloy, can cast a bunch of bullets quickly.  It is a real joy to use.  A little heavy, but holds heat well and drop the bullets easily.  I enjoy casting with this mould, and then handloading & shooting these bullets.

Updated Favorite Bullet Moulds and Lubes:

Favorite MouldsBlackhawkM92 (Rifle)Taurus 66Pre-LappedLapped
358-477 Lyman3.5, 700XN/A**N/A150160
TL-358-158-SWC3.5, 700X3.5, 700X3.5, 700X158168
358-429 NOE13.5, H11013.5, H11011.8, H110168178
TL-358-158-SWC13.5, H11013.5, H11011.8, H110158168
TL-358-158-SWC5.4, Unique3.5, HP-383.5, HP-38158168
358-429 NOE5.1, Unique5.1, Unique5.1, 700X*168178
*5.1 of 700X was with the 168 grain bullet, not for use with the 178 grain lapped version.  Check all loads with your reloading manuals and recipes to ensure they are not over-max-pressure.
**The 358-477 had bad accuracy in the Rossi M92 Carbine.  After several tests I've concluded it isn't a match with this gun.

Getting a 358-477 mould and that drops decent sized bullets can be hit and miss.  But when it's a hit, it's very good.

There will be another follow-up, testing this bullet with H110, with Magnum loads.

Shoot tight groups!  Till next time.

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