Monday, January 10, 2011

357 Magnum Accuracy Ladder, for Revolvers

Putting all the data gathered after a few thousand test boolits into a useful format is something I’m working on. First up is a list of diameters and alloys, starting with the most accurate. The bullets designs proven to be the most accurate all react to diameter and alloy changes very predictably.

357 Magnum Accuracy Ladder, base on results from tests at 25 yards off a rest.

Find the size and alloy hardness you are using and what will improve your boolit's accuracy.  Number 1 is the most accurate combination and number 6 has the biggest groups.  Other alloys and size combination's haven't proven to be nearly as accurate as this list:
  1. 360 BHN 6 (pure lead with 1%-2% solder)
  2. 359 BHN 6
  3. 360 BHN 11 (WW or lead with antimony & tin)
  4. 358 BHN 6
  5. 359 BHN 11
  6. 358 BHN 11
One point to clarify from earlier posts:  I referred to the alloy tested as 7-8 BHN, the Lee test kit doesn’t go lower than 8.  Then I was pointed to a very helpful chart that puts it at 6.2 BHN (thanks kelbro).  So all the other Blog posts are really talking about 6.2 as well, please make the adjustment when you read them.

While there is overlap that is not evident from the list, it still holds true at the range.
  • That means there may be a few #2 groups that are better than a few #1 groups. 
  • However the best #1 groups are always better than the best #2,
  • and most of the #1 groups are better than most of the #2. 
Hope that makes sense.  Good shooting.

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