Saturday, March 5, 2011

Accuracy Results: Lyman 357-446 & Lyman 358-429

The older Lyman 357-446 mould is found on eBay and other web auction sites these days.  They is an great buy.  Test results at 25 yards are excellent with the potential of groups less than 1 inch.  The best group being .78 inches.

UPDATE on 3/19/11: The Lyman 358-429 seated at 1.620, crimped into the front driving band works great. It shot a best group of .8 inch over 11.8 grains of H110 at the range today.  That was out of 3 groups of 5.  It liked a light crimp, but more testing is needed to confirm the bullets don't pull out a bit under heavy recoil.  I'll add it to the next version of the Accuracy Chart.

UPDATE on 4/23/11: Note, I ran across a few Lyman moulds that drop undersized bullets.  This can really impact accuracy.  Just a warning to measure the bullets, and have Lyman fix any problems that exist.

The Lyman 358-429 is available new from any of the online shooting supply sites. has the best prices right now, that is always subject to change.

If you are a new reader, all tests are conducted at 25 yards, off a rest.  This time a Simmons scope has replaced the Red Dot.  With a 1 inch "dot" in the Red Dot,  it makes testing difficult.  Hiding 1 inch is a bunch when attempting to shoot 1 inch and smaller groups.  I'm still getting used to the Simmons, but like it quite a bit.  Oh, its a 4X power scope too, works out great at 15 yards too.

The 357-446 is an older discontinued design and has some controversy surrounding it.  You decide if it matters to you, it doesn't to me and I plan to keep it.  Some reports claim this bullet starts having flyers at 50 yards, and the problem gets worse at 100 yards.  Specifically at 38 special velocities, which the super accurate load below is.  This is a good shooting and good looking bullet design.

If you shoot at very long distances at 38 special velocities it may make a difference to you.  If not, this is a great mould that is readily available on eBay, and other auction sites.

This is now ranked fourth on the Most Accurate Boolits and Loads chart:

1360-200-SWC2000.573.4, 700X1.614660
2358-429 NOE1680.584.7, HP-381.620900
2358-429 NOE1680.585.1, 700X1.6201,200
3158-SWC TL1580.613.5, HP-381.600810
4357-4461620.783.5, 700XGroove890
5358-429 NOE1681.0011.8, H1101.6201,260
6158-SWC TL1581.105.1 HP-381.6001,129
6148-WC TL1481.103.5 HP-381.400928
7360-200-SWC2001.183.0, 700X1.614660
8360-145-SWC1451.203.9 700XGroove1,020
9358-429 NOE1681.3010.3,24001.620910
10140-FN-LBT1401.405.8 700XGroove1,347

The alloy used id the proven soft mix or lead/solder at 50/1 .

The Tarus 66 has a .357 groove diameter with .358 cylinder throat sizes.  This is optimum, not all guns are this cast-boolit friendly.  That means they produce bigger groups.  I'll stick with the Taurus and the small groups.

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