Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lyman 358-477 : 150 grain SWC: Accuracy Results

Accurate results with the lighter bullets has been impossible, so far. Today with a medium crimp and  loaded over 3.5 grains of 700X, success!   A very accurate sub-1-inch 5 shot group of .69.  That makes the 358-477 one of the best moulds for the 357 Magnum revolver.  The actual bullet looks different than Lyman's website:

As always, that's with a Taurus 66, 6 inch barrel, from at rest at 25 yards.  The Taurus is now carrying a Simmons 4X scope which is very effective.  Here's a picture, the 358-477 group is the first target:

The updated details of the load are in the Most Accurate Bullet Moulds and Loads Table

Additional tests are planned to further refine the OAL, which is very important for this bullet.  I will be testing magnum powder charges in the future, but the initial results are not worth mentioning so far.  That may change, and the results will speak for themselves.

The 358-477 works great loaded long, tested with a OAL of 1.620 (a little shorter may work) and lubed with Darr lube. 

FYI:  NRA lube is quickly becoming my favorite, and works well with all 357 bullets, including this one.  The high quality and the low price of the hollow sticks from White Label Bullet Lube make it a great value.  NRA has been a favorite for cast bullet shooters for years, and with good reason.

The 358-477 is super accurate, with light recoil and very economical to shoot.  The Lyman steel/lead moulds cast great and won't break the bank.  Available new in 2 cavity and 4 cavity versions and available from all the web-sites that sell resloading / casting equipment.  Midsouth has the best price right now, at least that I can find.

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  1. We're looking for a Lyman 358429 Double or 4 Cavity mold. I have found any at gun shops or the big companies. Does anyone know where we could get one of these. You can email me at