Thursday, December 16, 2010

Multi-forum Poll: Most Popular Powder for Handguns

Below is a chart of the poll results. On several different forums I asked the same question.  Each person could vote for up to 3 favorite powders.  A total of 1,571 votes from 555 voters make up the chart.  It's interesting data, it did change which powders I plan to test next in my 6 inch 357 magnum revolver.

The question posed on each forum:

Please select up to 3 powders that you use the most when loading for handguns

The selections are heavily influenced by what I load. Sorry if your favorite is missing from the list.

By favorite, I mean the one you use the most of. You buy it more often than the others. If you really love a powder but don't buy it because it fills a niche you can vote for it if you'd like.

The reason I suggest 3 votes per person is to allow for a fast, medium and slow powder. However vote as you see fit.

Again, this is for handguns. You should be able to change your votes if you think it through and change your mind.

Click on the graph to make it larger:

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