Friday, December 17, 2010

More Accuracy Tests, Keith 168 Bullet with 700X Powder

I did some testing for accuracy today and thought I post the picture of the best group of the day.

This is with the same 358-429 Keith bullet previously mentioned in the 357 mag post.  They were cast yesterday and test at 7-8 BHN today.  OAL is 1.620, lubed with Darr and 360 diameter.  On paper the velocity is 1,200 FPS.  It shot great, felt great and no signs of leading.  Although more rounds are needed to verify the clean shiny barrel is for real.

700X with this bullet produced a .6 inch 5 shot group measured center to center.  This 5.1 grain load equaled the best HP38 load so far.  That's early results with very limited testing.  I'm looking forward to shooting more of this load.  Hope the lead doesn't get much harder with age as the groups get bigger when it does.

This is good as 700X is one of my favorites, it can be extremely accurate.  It's a flake powder that meters well in my Dillon powder drop.  It worked well with Lee auto-disks before I switched to a Dillon Square Deal B.  Some folks report feeding problems, but if you want a great fast powder that's bulky, give it a try and see how it works for you.

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