Monday, December 20, 2010

Taurus 66SS6 (357 Magnum, 6 inch barrel) and Tasco Red Dot

This gun is the most fun to to shoot tuned cast and handloaded ammo in.  Great feel, doesn't break the bank and very accurate.  With older eyes the Red Dot works out great.  Glasses that are needed to focus on iron sights make them tough to shoot at 15 and 25 yards.  The targets are just to blurry.  The Red Dot doesn't magnify at all and is large enough so both eyes can look through it, focus on the target and still see the dot.

For accuracy testing my rest is an old rolled up rug with tape holding it together.  It moves a bunch and isn't the best but it inexpensive and seems to work well enough.  To help compensate for my error I shoot 4 groups of 5 rounds each when testing at the range.  I measure the groups and record them, always force ranking the best to the top of the list.

My Taurus with some test results from earlier in 2010:

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