Sunday, June 5, 2011

For a Change of Pace: Good Group With My Rossi M92 Carbine Lever Action, 357 Magnum of Course, Part 1

Hi everyone,

I started this as a revolver blog, however from time-to-time I'll sneak in a post about my 3 month old Rossi M92, 357 magnum carbine.  It's the round barrel, 20 inch version.  The picture below is how it came from the factory.  I added a Rossi weaver mount and a handgun-Simmons 4X scope.  It was easy to do as Rossi does make the mount, and the rifle is pre-drilled below the stock sights to fit it:

I've been working on some loads for this sweet shooting rifle, and getting some good results.  It's tough to say just how accurate at a longer range my loads would be, as I shoot almost exclusively at in indoor range.  The limits distance to a short (for rifle) 25 yards.

So far, everything that shoots well in the 357 revolver shoots well in the rifle.  But there are some loads that only work well in the Rossi.  I'm definitely a rifle rookie and don't have a lot of high-end equipment such as a Ransom Rest, and when shooting groups use a rolled up carpet as my low-tech rest.

Anyway, here is a 5 shot group, the best by about .1 inch.  The high shot was the first.  The next 4 rounds went into the other hole.  Center to center the 4 shot hole is .3 inches.  THAT'S FUN!  Even if it is 25 yards.

Oh, this is with a Lee TL158-SWC, BHN 7, .360 diameter, JPW lube, 357 brass and 3.5 grains of HP-38, OAL of 1.60 and medium crimp. 

I enjoy casting and loading for the revolver, and now the rifle has added to the fun.  357 rifles are a blast to shoot, everyone needs one.  Light 38 special loads just put a smile on my face.  So do full-house H110 loads!

If you are thinking of a new rifle, one to have some fun with, take a look at this Rossi.  If you do, check out Steve's Gunz (link on the right), his DVD is a must have.

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  1. Just discovered your blog researching powders for .38/.357. Just bought my Rossi 92 this year and love it! Using Stevegunz to replace all the springs.
    Great minds think alike!