Sunday, June 19, 2011

For a Change of Pace: Good Group With My Rossi M92 Carbine Lever Action, 357 Magnum of Course, Part 2

Two great magnum loads for the M92, 357 magnum carbine have risen to the top of the accuracy chart.

First, the 2 moulds that are producing the most accurate bullets in the Rossi are also my 2 favorites for the revolver:
  • 358-429 NOE, lapped to drop .3604 bullets with BHN 7 alloy.  New weight is 178-179 grains (I'll call it 180, after the recipes that suite it best)
  • TL358-158-SWC Lee, lapped to drop at .3604, also with BHN7 alloy.  New weight is 168 grains
The NOE loaded over 13.5 grains of H110, with a heavy crimp, Darr lube, and a 1.620 OAL shot a 4 shot group of .33 inches.  I estimate the velocity to be 1,400FPS.  Measured center to center, 25 yards off a rest.  Yeah I know, it's not much distance, but it's what's available to me.

This load just beat the Lee, lubed with JPW, over 3.5 grains of HP-38.  The same 3.5 charge, but with 700X is right there as well.  The HP-38 load shot a group of .34 inches.

With a slightly bigger grouping of .67 inches is the Lee, lubed with LLA/MS & Mica (detailed in the Tumble Lube post) over 15.5 grains of H110 and a heavy crimp.  Wow, impressive round to shoot. I estimate the velocity of this load to be 1,700 FPS.  The H110 works just a bit better with the 178 grain bullet.  So I mention this because the 358-429 mould from NOE is only available during group buys, or used.  The Lee is easy to get.  If you can't get the a 358-429 that you can lap (steel and iron are tough to work on) the Lee 158, lapped, is a great option.
The other mould maker can listed on the right can custom make you a 358-429.  Check them out.

It's worth noting that the lapped moulds are producing the most accurate ammo.  For my 357's that is a bullet that drops from the mould at .3604 (roughly), and then sized for consistency to .360.  The Keith works best sized and lubed on a lubrisizer.  I like to size the Lee in a custom sizer (order directly from Lee for $35).  Magnum loads get lubed with the LLA/MS and mica, while other loads get straight Johnson's Paste Wax.

A BRP 158 Hornady clone mould is here too.  It's very high quality, an excellent mould.  Preliminary results are looking great.  I'm looking forward to working with it and will be reporting the results. 

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