Sunday, July 3, 2011

Latest group from the Rossi 20" Carbine, 357 Magnum, Lee TL-358-158-SWC

Another update using my favorite load. One of the 2 best in a 357 Magnum Revolver & the 357 Magnum Carbine.

The lapped mould is dropping 166-167 grain full size bullets. Sized from .3604 to .360 with a custom Lee sizer, and lubed with 3/1 JPW/LLA (Lee Liquid Alox) or pure JPW (Johnson's Paste Wax) (the best lubes for this type of load).  Loaded over 3.5 grains of 700X, and a long OAL of 1.610.  They are shooting great in the rifle, and the revolver.  These light loads, are low recoil.  Yet in the revolver they can knock down a 100yard Ram at IHMSA Silhouette events.

To give you an idea of this from the Rossi at 25 yards, off-a-rest, 5 shot group, here is the dime-on picture:

Follow by the dime-off picture. The 5 rounds measure 0.28 inches center to center:

That was a fun day at the range!  The approach to casting and handloading in the other posts produce this kind of a result.  Hopefully the test results, forced ranking approach to accuracy, and the information in general helps your groups.

More about shooting the 357 Magnum Revolver with iron-sights, standing & off-hand.  That is standing, with 2 hands and no supports.  Once you have the most accurate load, this is one of the fun ways to enjoy yourself.  I love red dots and scopes, but iron sights are simple and, like I said, FUN!

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