Thursday, July 14, 2011

Some NOE 358-429 Moulds Available Right Now

I hate to sound like I'm pushing a product, however this is one of the best moulds you can buy for a 357 Magnum revolver.  Or rifle.  And you can't buy them but once a year, usually.

NOE is a small mould manufacturer and only does "runs" of moulds.  It seems like they have some of these in stock.  You will have to go to  and sign-up and let NOE (Swede Nelson) know you want one by posting and PMing.

I'm a very satisfied customer of NOE and promised to tell you how to get accuracy from your 357.  This mould is 1 of the top 2 for accuracy.  For a full-house magnum load, this is the best mould and bullet design.  It does well downloaded too, but does it's best with a load of H110.


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    1. Thanks Jim. I wish I had some time to make some updates, but work has been overbearing for some time. Can't complain about being employed though.